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Working with you to create effective strategy, communication and government relations solutions to achieve your business outcomes.



Strategix Consulting offers a number of services to help your company or organization achieve their goals. We create solutions that work for you by utilizing different tools. Need a policy change from government? We have the expertise to make it happen. Need to raise your profile with government? We will work with you to find the right strategy.   

Not sure if you've got the right message that will resonate with government? We can help you develop your messages. Want a speaker for your next conference? Atul speaks on politics, productivity, and how to make an impact with government. Want to extend your communications impact through podcasting? Strategix Consulting has the right services for you. Need to improve your company's workflow or your own personal productivity? We can help you. Atul works with a network of specialists who can be brought in assist on files as needed.

Read below to gain a better understanding of our services. Strategix Consulting offers interested clients an initial phone or meeting consultation for free. To set up your no risk no obligation consultation, contact us here.

Strategy Development

Creating a proper strategy is the best way to ensure that you achieve your government relations and communications goal.  Strategy development along with perfect tactical execution are the tools the Strategix Consulting uses to help you get the results you want.

Through the initial strategy session we can determine and get agreement on the goals of the strategy, conduct a relationship audit, SWOT analysis and other tools to gain an understanding of the issue and begin the process of how to achieve your objectives.

Part of the discussion also involves identification of third party stakeholders.  Strategix Consulting will help you gather the voices you need to ensure that your message is heard by government officials. 

To discuss Strategy Development click here to set up a meeting or a call.

Public Speaking

Atul is available to speak with to your companies and organizations on the importance of internal and external communications, strategy development, government relations, workflow simplification, and personal productivity.

Atul is the co-host of news and public affairs podcast focused on politics, the economy, and government relations.  Podcast episodes can be found here

He has appeared on BNN and the Michael Coren Show as a political commentator and been interviewed by the Toronto Star and other media organizations on economic and political issues.

Schedule a time to discuss Atul speaking at your next conference or board meeting.

Government Relations

You've heard the saying 'the best defence is a good offence.' It is very applicable in the area of government relations. If you don't have a relationship with government and they change a policy, legislation, or regulation that affects your business negatively, you will have little chance of getting that change reversed. You can't make a friend when you need a friend. 

Strategix Consulting can help raise your profile with government.  We can position your company or organization as a thought leader for your industry because we understand the government's pubic policy process.

The process can be complex and difficult to understand. Any and all decisions within government require input from many different departments.  Strategix Consulting understands the process and knows who within government can influence your file.

To find out how we can help your company or organization; gain a better profile with government, become a thought leader, or navigate through a policy change click here.

Podcasting Services

Strategix Media, a division of Strategix Consulting, develops podcasts for SMEs who are looking to utilizing podcasting to expand their communications outreach.

Podcasting has reached a tipping point and has legitimized itself as a communications channel. Many companies are now using podcasting to market their services.  Podcasting is now replacing the company newsletter, they are also being used facilitate training. They help with the creation of communities of interest around organizations and companies.

Strategix Media can help you develop your podcast from concept to broadcast. Find out how.


We consider communications the art and science of cutting through the din to ensure that your message gets heard.

Communications have become more complex with social media, online advocacy, and creating the right messages for the right audiences. Strategix Consulting will help you create key messages that will resonate with any audience that you need to reach.  

We will work with you to develop the proper message to ensure that your message resonates with the proper government officials.  

We will develop your messages in a way that allows you to personalize your message to each audience, be they government officials, political staff, or third party stakeholders who can support your message to government.  

Contact us to discuss how to enhance your communications impact

WorkFlow Management

Does your company have trouble retaining and access documents?  Do you need a CRM system which has to be updated by many people?  Is it difficult to access company policies and manuals?

Atul is a Certified Evernote Business consultant who can provide you with a system to improve your company workflow.  Atul has also worked with individuals to improve their own personal productivity.

Contact Atul to find out how he can help you improve your personal productivity and how to improve your company's productivity.



Atul has worked with clients in all economic sectors: manufacturing, alcohol - beer and wine, financial institutions, insurance companies, professional organizations, and many others.  Below is a list of current and past clients:


Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

Ontario College of Physiotherapists

The Staffing Edge

Constellation Brands

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

ATS Automation


Sun Life Financial


Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd


Interactive Gaming Council

Rosa Flora Growers Ltd

Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Greater Sudbury Hydro

PearTree Financial Services

TMX Group

Grape Growers of Ontario

TicketMaster Canada

Regional Municipality of Durham

Association of Power Producers of Ontario

Council of Ontario Universities

Moosehead Breweries Ltd

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Canadian Association of Income Funds

Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Renfrew Power Generation Inc

Capgemini Canada Ltd

Credit Union Central of Ontario


Latest Updates, Ramblings, and Podcasts

The latest Strategix Consulting podcasts are available here. Previous podcast episodes are available here. Keep coming back as every week this page is updated with our latest podcast episodes. Blogs and other fun  stuff - coming soon!  

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EP 19 - Is it the end of the world as we know it if voices of faith play a role in public policy?

At the intersection of faith and politics exists a question which confronts many politicians, should we give a voice in public policy to people of faith? While faith has historically played a large role in Canada’s development, however politicians today are reluctant to allow faith groups to have a voice. Many believe that religious voices have no role in public policy discussions.

Our guest, John Milloy, holds a different view. He believes there is a role for faith communities in public policy discussion. Sign up for additional information

Ep 18 - How to lobby effectively, Pt. 5 | How to develop a campaign

How do you get government to take your message more seriously?  One way is to have your message supported by a variety of groups.  This requires putting together a coalition and creating a campaign to ensure that government hears the same message from a variety of voices. 

BONUS Episode: White House Meltdown | Is it the end of the world for Donald Trump?

Is it the end of the world for Donald Trump?  Can he survive the recent revelations about the firing of FBI James Comey. 

Is Trump a Republican President or is this the Party of Trump?

Listen as Joe Couto, Phil DeMont, Geoff Rowan and Atul Sharma discuss the incredible events unfolding ‘south of the border.’

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Episode 17 - How to lobby effectively, Pt. 4 | Top 10 Communication Strategies

This week we discuss how to effectively communicate with government. 

Where to start?. First off - don’t threaten a politician. Some people believe that the best approach is to go into your meeting with a Minister, Premier, Prime Minister, or other leader and demand that they listen and respond to your issue. This doesn’t work. Government’s have different mandates and accountabilities that they have to address and those don’t usually line up with what you want to do. Businesses sometimes threaten to leave if they don’t get what they want. That also usually doesn’t work - unless you employ hundreds of thousands of people.

What to do? Listen to our podcast as Joe Couto and Atul Sharma discuss the top 10 strategies to effectively communicate with government. Phil DeMont and Geoff Rowan were away, but there in spirit. Click the play button below to listen or click here to listen on iTunes.

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Episode 16 - How to Lobby Effectively, Pt. 3 | Developing your message

This week we discuss what is the best way to develop you message when speaking to government. The principles remain the same whether you are communicating with the federal/national government, provincial/state government, or local city government. 

Like the saying goes, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  The same is true here - assume you’ve only got one chance to communicate your view to government officials.  Do you have the best message possible to achieve that?  Can your message be used with multiple audiences?



Episode 15 - How to lobby Effectively, Pt. 2

Before you lobby your local government do you ask, what is the impact on us if we don't get exactly what we want? Are we willing to accept something else? It seems intuitive, most organizations don't do this calculation in advance.

This podcast, with Joe Couto, Philip DeMont, Geoffrey Rowan, and Atul Sharma, is Pt. 2 of our 6-part series on how to lobby effectively.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts.



Check out all of out podcasts Here

Check out all of our podcasts. Connect with Geoff Rowan, Phil DeMont, Joe Couto and Atul Sharma  on Twitter.

You can connect with us on LinkedIn here: Joe Couto, Philip DeMont, Geoffrey Rowan, and Atul Sharma.


Atul Sharma 

Atul Sharma 


Atul Sharma is President of Strategix Consulting; a principal led firm focused on providing strategy, government relations and communications for clients. 

He brings more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors through his work in the Ontario government, with two public affairs and communication agencies and in two business associations. His expertise includes; strategy development,  government relations, policy development, communications.  

Atul is available to speak at conferences, and industry events on how to engage with the government, internal and external communications, importance of strategy development, personal productivity, and podcasting.

Through Strategix Media, Atul hosts a podcast at http://apple.co/2nqA8QK. He is able to help SMEs use podcasting to expand their communications outreach.

Prior to founding Strategix Consulting, he served as a senior executive at two prominent communications agencies. He also served in senior leadership roles within two business associations. 

Strategix Consulting was founded to help companies achieve their public affairs and communications objectives by providing senior level strategic counsel and tactical execution. Atul can be reached via email at atul@strategixconsulting.ca or by phone at 647.793.4020.


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